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NANU! is a semiannual publication based in Blumenau, Brazil that combines fashion, art and lifestyle, and it is the result of work and independent and non-conventional research done by the team. Based on the concept of goods of creativity and long duration, NANU! seeks to bring together images that generate aesthetic emotion with a high-level content. We work in a focus on fashion art and for that we are inspired by creators and leaders in style, people who build fashion and art in a unique way within our time and space. Our readers reflect a young lifestyle, good taste and intimately connected to the creative potential, which we believe is the differential of the modern world.
Vanesa Krongold 2012

Foto - Naguel Riveromake up - Milu GranittoModelo - Vir para Hype

Vanesa Krongold 2012

Foto - Naguel Rivero
make up - Milu Granitto
Modelo - Vir para Hype

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